Thank you to those of you that submitted interest forms on our website. This helps us to understand current interest among the community. 

Property owners can still submit an interest form at any time here: 

FSCNC applied for funding this shaded fuel break with CalOES (California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services) through the HMGP (Hazard mitigation Grant Program) which is available from FEMA.

The notice of Interest was submitted in January 2022. FSCNC was then invited to send a full application, which was completed in April 2022. In the time since then there have been many questions and official requests for additional information (RFI) about this project. Each RFI was answered and approved. At this time the application has cleared all reviews with the CalOES management Team and has now moved on for review over at FEMA. 

While we do not have information regarding how long this process might take, we are encouraged that they continue to move this project application along through the many phases of review. When any other announcements come in, there will be more updates to share. 

FSCNC also plans to apply for a Cal Fire grant in the next available cycle. If both applications are approved, that would allow us to match Federal dollars from FEMA with State funding from CALFIRE to expand the project footprint and extend the benefits and impact to an even larger segment of the community.